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was founded in 1994 by the Italy fashion brand Marni in recent years in the fashion circle by more and more people's recognition and love, and gradually become a symbol of "taste" of the representative of the brand. Ace "organ bag" is the essential classic bag of trendsetter. Recently, bring Marni at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2016 women's ready to wear show once again break rules, designer CONSUELO C cheap jordans for sale astiglioni romantic doctrine re segmentation, adjustment, remodeling, to new creative ideas presented metropolis feminine delicacy and romance. the entire series to rational design based on the line, rich perceptual details. Castiglioni of color familiar with use and proportion of moderation in the autumn winter designs of incisively and vividly reflected, seemingly conflict in color and in her mat cheap jordans for sale mens ch to reconcile people pleasing. Using a variety of different density of mixed fabrics, showing the delicate contrast between the materials. Arc cutting, wavy ribbon court wind puffed sleeves and romantic and delicate beaded embroidery, transparent powder with pure luxury. Nowadays the most popular elements of the campaign and a large number of decorative accessories and the field show the main att cheap jordans online raction, and diversified style at the same time also shows sufficient interest, as the Castiglioni I generally, low-key shy, interesting and unique. July 21, 2007 night at 9:50, Putian City, Fujian province Hu Shi Zhen Xiuyu Feida uppers workshop with major fire occurred, has caused 37 deaths, 19 people were injured and sent to hospital for emergency rescue, staged a scene of human tragedy. Indeed Retro jordans for sale , the shoe factory fire belongs to the industry, there is a fire risk is higher, but if the enterprise can really improve the fire safety consciousness, fundamentally strengthen the risk of fire prevention, and the effective use of this tool for insurance risk transfer, to a certain extent, reduce the occurrence of fire and reduce fire losses can be achieved the. seven "fuse"" accordi Retro jordans for sale ng to several years of experience in insurance, all state insurance, from the production characteristics of shoe-making enterprises, shoe factory fire, there are seven main reasons: first, insufficient attention, inadequate fire facilities investment. Some shoe-making enterprises in order to save money in a serious shortage of fire facilities, and fire extinguishers only exist a number of de cheap jordan shoes for men ficiencies, the wrong type of problem, once the fire, no fire, fire fighting ability, only waiting for the fire rescue; two is the enterprise fire safety education and training seriously lag behind. Management of fire safety awareness, staff training to carry out fire prevention and fighting against. In September 20, 2007, Chongqing County of Bishan city leather shoes a shoe factory fire, th Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping e factory guards were not using the fire extinguisher, the measures taken are just shout, let others to put out the fire, the best time delaying the fire, causing a small fire into the fire, causing irreparable economic losses. three is the production plant, does not meet the fire code. More concentrated in Guangdong, Fujian footwear enterprises in Zhejiang and Wenzhou and other places, many Cheap air jordans for sale shoe companies are from artisanal enterprises developed, of which a large part of the shoe factory production workshop is rental, the building itself without fire control examination and approval and acceptance, the necessary fire water pump room, indoor and outdoor fire hydrant without is not up to the fire safety requirements, there is a serious fire hazard, most shoe factory fire spacing is ins Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ufficient, easy huoshaolianying "," three in one "phenomenon is serious, once the fire occurs, can easily lead to accidents qunsiqunshang. four is the layout of the electrical wiring of the plant, does not meet the fire safety standards. Electrical equipment, shoe factory in the lighting and power distribution line number, wide distribution, complex electric circuit part of the enterprise ac cheap foamposites cording to the specified installation of temporary power lines, Luanla random access, lack of electric power distribution cabinet, build a shell around the debris piled up and so serious, become the lead electrical fire hazard.Nike Air Huarache "Hyper Pink" color real exposure After 01.jpg (55.25 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-2-20 15:31 uploadJordan hot in recent years, but can not be ignored, this air jordan made to create a named Nouveau Night Shadow's latest color design footwear, this use of the help of the Air Jordan 1 shoes, with the blue lake color, coupled with the high contrast white design. Plus durable leather qualities, to create the perfect feeling of Air Jordan 1. 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